"Leah has a unique way of conveying information with insight, authenticity, profundity, grace, and humility.  She could be reading from a telephone book and this depth of character, insight and authentic grappling with life would still come through.  For it comes from a very deep place within her.  I feel very lucky to have worked with Leah--having been trained by her.  Her articulateness and vibrant devotion to her life's work is only matched by the strength and honesty of her character."

--Beth Aylard, Certified Peer Support Specialist, Seattle, WA

"Leah combines breadth and depth of knowledge on trauma with powerful storytelling. In a one hour presentation for my undergraduate trauma course, Leah wove academic course topics into an engaging personal narrative. Students reported the presentation as a highlight of the class, which both deepened their understanding of trauma and inspired them to work for change."

--Timothy Kelly, University of Iowa Instructor, Trauma Across the Lifespan  

"I had the great pleasure to send a full day of training with Leah Harris. The content provided was spot-on, engaging, informative and offered with poetic ease. We were even provided with additional materials after the event to deepen our understanding. It's clear that Leah's vast and varied experiences have formed a brilliant, caring educator and activist. I highly recommend Leah and Shifa Consulting in support of your personal and professional goals. Thanks Leah for your vision and heart!"

--Ayesha Newell, Executive Director, Holistics Collaborative - Dallas, TX

"Leah was wonderful to work with.  She was accommodating to our needs and made sure that the information she presented would work for our trainees.  She was willing to tailor the training to our audience of community professionals in Reno, Nevada.  200 counselors, social workers, teachers, law enforcement and tribal leaders attended the event.  The feedback was that the information was extremely relevant to their practice and that Leah Harris made them so much more aware of the impacts of trauma.  She brought valuable knowledge and expertise to our community and helped to raise the bar for treatment of those that have experienced trauma.  The only criticism of the training was that we should have had her here longer! final comment about Leah as a person- not as a presenter.  Leah has led an incredible life and has taken an extraordinary journey to get to where she is today.  Her presentations speak to those experiences.  She has made a lasting impact on my work.  I am so pleased to have been able to work with her, and I highly recommend her presentation for human service professionals."             

--Camille Sun Vega, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno NV